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Are you buying a home and worried about the presence of mold in the house? There are a few important things to know about mold inspection. First of all, if there are visible signs of mold anywhere in a home, mold remediation services instead of testing is required. However, if there are no visible signs of mold, but there are other telling clues, a professional assessment for presence of mold can help you avoid health and safety issues in your future home.

Signs You Need Mold Testing:

  • When the mold is not visible, but the odor of mold is present
  • There have been plumbing or water-related issues that may have resulted in elevated mold concentration
  • Health concerns: if you have mold-related symptoms, like coughing and sneezing, but can’t pinpoint the cause
  • To get general indoor Air Quality assessment to be informed about the home environment
  • For the real estate transactions

Why Choose Professional Services over Home Testing Kits

While it may be tempting to get an over-the-counter home mold testing kit, they are often times misleading, unreliable and simply wrong. Mold is present in many home environments since it’s a natural biological process. While home testing kits may detect a presence of mold, they fail to accurately calculate its concentration and pinpoint the exact mold source. Professional mold sampling will help you deal with the mold issue effectively and decisively.

Reasons to Get Mold Sampling

Mold can be a home’s worst enemy if left unchecked. Mold can spread across and pose serious threat to the inhabitants’ health and building’s structural integrity. Mold grows in places with excess moisture and can be caused by various factors.

Sources of mold growth include:

  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Leaks
  • Atmospheric/ground humidity
  • Cooking
  • Long-term exposure to water sources, such as sprinklers

Mold inspection and air quality testing can be preventive or post-remediation to ensure successful completion.

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At Pillar To Post™, our certified and experienced home inspectors can identify any problem areas and sample for any potential mold growth. Samples are then sent to a laboratory for a full report and analysis. Sampling includes Air Quality testing as well as surface sampling. Having your future home professionally inspected for presence of mold and have its indoor air quality tested will help you be fully informed about the condition of your future abode and make the optimal decision about the home purchase. Call us at 1-800-294-5591 to a get a free estimate!

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